I wore this striped Topshop dress a couple weeks back to the Race To Erase MS gala. It’s obviously a favorite of a lot of other stylish stars as well. Who do you think wore it best? I have my idea of who it was and trust me I did not pick myself! Vote below!



  1. Eileen 

    My 9 year old son thought January wore it best but I thought it looked good on all of u

    June 17 at 11:54am  / Reply
  2. WilkiSally 

    I think you did ’cause I liked that pink belt gave it like your own touch…

    June 17 at 12:08pm  / Reply
  3. M~ 

    You all wore it beautifully in your own style. There are no losers here.

    June 17 at 12:28pm  / Reply
  4. Cindy 

    Pink belt was perfect touch your hair and makeup are flawless and then of course just being the most gorgeous out of all these women helps too! Perfection Kelly simply Perfection!

    June 17 at 12:29pm  / Reply
  5. 317Carol 

    I like how your belt breaks it up a bit and I love your purse with it. Your hair is rocking too.

    June 17 at 12:33pm  / Reply
  6. Jessica Sparks 

    I like how Beyonce shortened the sleeves (and possibly the hemline?) I give it to Miss Kelly for every other aspect of the look (looks more put together and polished)

    June 17 at 1:32pm  / Reply
  7. Delaney 

    I liked the way Beyonce shortened the sleeves. It looks less boxy.

    June 17 at 3:08pm  / Reply
  8. Guest from GA 

    Beyonce looks like she has on a sack…needs tailored.
    It looks nice on January, but the color washes her out a bit.
    You look flawless.
    The shoe, hair, and fit are horrific on Margot. Sorry love, just looks like she didn’t finish getting ready!

    June 17 at 3:09pm  / Reply
  9. Shanna Osse 

    I think the way Kelly’s skin is showing and her sleek hairstyle plus the purple hair gives it edge, class and style. I think the tattoos bring it right back home for me so Kelly wins. I still want to point out every single lady in theses outfits are stunning though.

    June 17 at 4:33pm  / Reply
  10. Jayne 

    I like how you wore it because that color scheme, Black and white fits you

    June 17 at 7:11pm  / Reply
  11. Sara 

    The pink belt beaks up the monochromatic pattern and soothes the eyes. Giving the ability to focus on the vibrant fabric.

    June 17 at 8:41pm  / Reply
  12. Clifford 

    I’m not a fashion person… people like what they like. I like tight clothes on people… yours seems to fit the best (would like it a little tighter), your hair is nice, makeup is nice you’re the pretties to look at, you have a bit of a tan which makes it look better than Margot and January (to white) stocking would be nice a little darker look. BeyoncĂ© needs a better fit.

    June 17 at 10:34pm  / Reply
  13. Michelle 

    margot is gorgeous love her!

    June 19 at 12:11am  / Reply


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