Wellness Wednesday: Pickled Foods


A fun fact about me is that I love a good pickle. So I decided for this week’s #wellnesswednesday, I’m going to try and persuade you to eat more of them… and for good reason too! Pickles are what are called “fermented foods.” Many of them can be found in jars preserved in some form of liquid filled with probiotics that promote your overall health.  Fermented foods like komboucha (black tea that builds a strong gut), kimchi (a spicy Korean dish that improves skin) and miso (a paste made from soybeans that promotes strength and stamina) all carry millions of microorganisms that are actually quite beneficial to your health. Fermented foods offer lots of gut bacteria and enzymes that assist with proper digestion. You won’t need to take too many vitamins or supplements because fermented food in your diet will help you absorb the right amount of nutrients as well as heal your digestive organs. Here are other benefits of fermented food:

  1. Better skin
  2. Restored balance of bacteria in the gut
  3. Increased vitamin content
  4. Boosts to your immunity system

But besides the fact that fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and tempeh, to name a few more, are basically probiotic powerhouses, they’re also inexpensive and have a long shelf life. You can ferment your own foods with just cabbage, water and salt.  The next time you buy a jar of pickles, check the expiration date. They can last up to two years! The best thing about fermented foods is that they require no cooking time. So save the energy for your workout and stock up!







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