Tuesday Shoesday: UGGS

It’s the first day of Summer, so I thought it was the perfect time to talk about a very important issue (or shall I say, isSHOE ;P). I’m talking about people wearing Ugg boots in summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing Ugg boots – they’re my favorite things to wear on set or on long flights, but there are definitely some do’s and don’ts for this furry footwear.

DON’T wear Uggs with shorts or mini skirts in public! The UGG Australia brand claims that the shoe is designed to also be worn in summer, but as far as fashion goes furry boots should be reserved for Fall and Winter. You will look like you could not make your mind up wearing a winter shoe with a summer outfit!

DO wear them at home. Wear them in your birthday suit and have a dance party for all anybody cares. It’s your house: do whatever makes you comfortable.

DON’T wear them at any nightclub. Do I really need to even say this?  And no, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing Apple Bottom Jeans or not.

DO wear them to the shops, provided said shops are within one mile of your house.

DON’T wear them out for a day of shopping.

DO wear them to your local café to pick up your takeaway beverage of choice.

DON’T wear them to your local coffee shop if you plan to drink your hot beverage of choice there. A coffee shop is NOT your living room, no matter how much time you frequent the establishment for use of their free wifi. You look desperate taking up an entire table to write your column/update Twitter or portend to read a script.

DO wear them to yoga, especially if your class is at 6am. Hell, wear a snuggie to yoga at 6am if you want. Then give yourself a medal for going to yoga at 6am.

DON’T forget them at yoga. Hippies can be thieving assholes too.

DO in fact wear them to any exercise activity, so long as you are going straight to and from said activity with no stops between there and home.

DON’T wear them DURING any exercise activity. A girl I used to take dance classes with used to wear them throughout the actual class and I was horrified. HORRIFIED. P.S that girl was me during Dancing With The Stars rehearsals

DO wear them if you’re Pamela Anderson.

DON’T were them everyday unless you are Pamela Anderson.

DO wear them to your friend’s house to watch movies or if you are just having chill night!

DON’T wear them to your friend’s house for a dinner party.  Were you raised in a barn/Ugg boot factory?

Again, I love my Uggs, I just hate seeing so many beautiful people ruin cute summer outfits with inappropriate shoes. There are so many other comfortable summer shoes you can wear! Explore your options and reserve your boots for yoga-pant appropriate occasions for the next few months.

Let’s have a beautiful summer and bust our boots out again in the Fall.



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