Tuesday Shoesday: Teva Sandals


In all my years of “sole” searching, I’ve discovered that the formula for the perfect shoe is finding one that effortlessly blends both comfort and style. This is why I am so thankful that Teva shoes have become the new “It” sandal for the summer. Lately, I’ve been so obsessed with mine. My hair stylist Ryan and I wear ours all the time… they’ve even become our new favorite shoes to travel in at the airport. Created exactly thirty years ago, their most popular design features a rubber sole and webbing top, but get this: Its initial concept was conceived as an “old Velcro watch strap attached to a flip flop.” How amazing is that?


Made popular as the quintessential hiking sandal of the late-eighties/ nineties, Tevas haven’t always been at the forefront of fashion (that is unless the outdoors utilitarian look is your thing!). This season, however, they’re definitely having a moment for both the functional and the fashionable. I am quite thrilled that designers like Prada, Rag&Bone, Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs have embraced the strappy sandal with the cushy sole, putting their own spin on them in their 2014 spring runway shows. From the mountain tops to the catwalks, Tevas will always be one of my favorites. They’re also a favorite of What do you think? Would you wear them?







  1. Melanie 

    Only George could rock that look. I love your comments on Fashion Police. They are helpful, insightful and kind. you know your stuff!

    June 10 at 1:06pm  / Reply
    • Zeynep 

      Hi! I just found your blog from Barbie Runs’ page… I’m also a nails fool, currently roikncg O.P.I.’s Ali’s big break… LOLI’d actually like to take you up on the Pinterest invite offer! I’ve been waiting for their invite for so long! So if you have any invite left I’m interested! :) I’m also in Europe (France) where the only acceptable runners are quite the opposite of what I look like… So it’ll be interesting to read about your experiences in Deutschland!Bis Dann!

      July 10 at 1:42am  / Reply
    • Thesius 

      Thank you hun so much for your comment, I am rllaey glad you found my blog interesting if you have an questions, comments, or suggestions please comment I love comments and I reply all the time

      July 21 at 6:55pm  / Reply
  2. Ella 

    Only people who spend their lives on the beach could wear them, not flattering otherwise. Surfers yes, every one else, no.

    June 12 at 3:29pm  / Reply
  3. candi 

    how about the website for those sandals??

    June 13 at 1:16am  / Reply
  4. Ashley 

    LOVE MY TEVAS!! I wear them everywhere in Spring/Summer here in New England. Also supply great grips for hiking!

    June 13 at 5:37am  / Reply
  5. tara 

    These are not even a teeeeny weeeny bit stylish! How utterly BUTCH! bleh

    June 13 at 9:49am  / Reply
    • Eriko 

      The shoe drawing were very fun to do. I can’t wait to see what YOU do with them! I could so retale the artist post today. I hardly ever comment on blogs, but I just had to on this post. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. I’m glad we met.

      July 10 at 8:26am  / Reply
    • Mandine 

      - Francie’s photos of Daphne show the coemtple spectrum of her personility. From sweet, silly, adventrous, to stunningly beautiful. Francie made it a great day, and the photos are fabulous!

      July 21 at 7:10pm  / Reply


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