Kelly Osbourne - Sneakers

When it comes to fashion, I am a total advocate for feeling comfortable and confident. Though the saying goes “Beauty Is Pain,” the discomfort of wearing high heels for 12 hours isn’t your ultimatum to looking stylish with a fashion-forward ensemble. The 2014 runway shows definitely set a bold style statement. Designers from Chanel to Dior showcased lots of sneakers instead of stilettos and heels. Evidently, the models seem to have more bounce to their step coming down the catwalk and I am sure they weren’t complaining!

When paired with a couture dress or tailored two-piece look, high-end brands switching out for comfortable running shoes brought a refreshing sense of youthfulness to the collections. You can definitely expect to see more custom sneakers hit the runway in the near future. Unfortunately, some of these beauties come with a bit of sticker shock. Reaching upwards of $3000, who really wants to pay that much for style and comfort? Below are a few options that not only look great but also won’t break the bank. From my experience, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Nike trainers in bold hues. For spring, I’m enjoying muted metallics in either light pastels or the traditional gold or silver. No need to shy away from color when it comes to sneakers. In the right shade, your shoes can still be quite the statement piece.





  1. Soledad 

    Nike over the rest!

    June 17 at 4:22pm  / Reply
  2. Maria 

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  3. Yoshimi 

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