Tuesday Shoesday: Custom Louboutins

Kelly Osbourne - Tuesday Shoesday Maleficent

I am absolutely OBSESSED with these custom Louboutins that Angelina has been rocking to events for her new movie ‘Maleficent.’ The five-inch platforms were designed to resemble Maleficent’s famous horns, and the white ones even have blood dripping down the back. They are the perfect amount of creepy and chic.

Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire and regular guest, Zanna Roberts Rassi came by Fashion Police to talk about these incredible shoes last week, and I fell absolutely in LOVE. Luckily Zanna also happens to be one of my dear friends, and thanks to her incredible fashion connections she’s helping me get my hands on a pair! I’m not one to spend Louboutin prices on a pair of shoes lightly, but these are just too perfect to resist. Are these not the coolest shoes you’ve ever seen?

Let me know what you think and which pair are your favorites in the comments!



  1. HelloCupcake 

    I can’t decide which color I like the most! Gold is definitely he most unique.

    June 3 at 7:01pm  / Reply
    • HelloCupcake 

      Whoops! *the

      June 3 at 7:01pm  / Reply
  2. kimberjoy 

    I love those shoes and totally see what you love about them, style, unique and saucy!

    June 3 at 7:05pm  / Reply
  3. Kelly K 

    Love the black/sheer ones. I agree! So chic!

    June 3 at 7:15pm  / Reply
  4. Trudi 

    I love the gold, but holding out on making a final decision until I see the red ones!

    June 3 at 7:20pm  / Reply
  5. Mel 

    I am not sure if I like these, however they are very unique and artistic, just not my style. I do however like Elle Fanning’s sleeping beauty shoes. They are so cute!

    June 3 at 7:42pm  / Reply
  6. The_SuperVixen 

    I would love a gold pair in my life. Any idea on how much these babies cost?

    June 3 at 7:51pm  / Reply
  7. April 

    GOLD!!!! btw love you Kelly

    June 3 at 8:45pm  / Reply
  8. tabby 

    I love love love the gold ones..

    June 3 at 9:33pm  / Reply
  9. Melmex 

    Is it just me or Angelina is extremely thin?

    June 4 at 5:28pm  / Reply
  10. Diane 

    I can’t make up my mind between the black or gold I love them both

    June 4 at 8:00pm  / Reply
  11. Allison 

    the gold… no the black…. no the white.. Way to hard of a decision.. is it weird to say black because it goes with more? lol

    June 4 at 9:55pm  / Reply


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