I was the last of my siblings to start losing my baby teeth even my younger brother Jack had a visit from the tooth fairy before I did. Once they started falling out they would not stop. At one point I was pretty much toothless. Every time I lost a tooth I made my dad take a picture. This picture was taken by him on our tour bus….. If you think my father is the crazy one think again my mother kept my teeth and I actually still have them!… Or am I the crazy one because I think its cool?



  1. Melinda 

    Not crazy. Now if she makes them into a necklace that would be kinda wierd.

    March 6 at 3:02pm  / Reply
    • John Lewis Wright 

      *nods* Best to not offer up any ideas. :P Xoxo <3

      March 7 at 1:43pm  / Reply
  2. Wingding 

    I think you are very pretty. I’m big fan of yours.

    March 6 at 6:00pm  / Reply
  3. laNiece 

    Nice job

    March 8 at 12:45am  / Reply
  4. Blackno.9 

    Collecting teeth isnt to bad i guess. As long as bats stay out of the picture you can sink your teeth into pretty much anything now these days. *-*

    March 9 at 10:17pm  / Reply
  5. miss n 

    Kelly i really adore you and your so lucky to have to have everything i saw you a few times on robson street in vancouver bc but i was scared to come up to u lol and normally im all omg i wanna say hi in a non crazy way also tell your dad his music helps me alot and i love yours too anyways i dunno if you will read this but i go to soooo many concerts cause ill go to one no matter what haha

    March 10 at 3:16am  / Reply


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