Tattoo Removal Tuesday: Think Before You Ink!


As humans we fill our conscience with clichés to selfishly justify the ridiculous things we do in life… Such as getting stupid tattoos. I have now undergone my third laser tattoo removal. All day I have found myself saying ‘no pain no gain’ or ‘pain is beauty!’ however the bigger lesson I have taken away from this horrendously painful experience is THINK BEFORE YOU INK!… Furthermore think before you make ANY permanent decision because its ok to change your mind before its too late!



  1. J926 

    I have no tattoos! I feel like I’m cool because I don’t! Lol no really though, just couldn’t think of anything I would want on my body forever. Ya know.

    March 11 at 9:29pm  / Reply
  2. andrea 

    and thats y i have no tats lol

    March 11 at 9:31pm  / Reply
  3. trudesinadelaIaide 

    I have three tattoos. I dont regret them. But I also got them in places that I can hide them easy. Ankle, top left arm, and on the front just above the left boob. I actually want to get more. Ones a fairy (boob) heart on my ankle and a bat on my arm. I <3 Bats! And tattoos are not really permanent if you can (abet painfully) get them removed. But I agree with the think before you ink. Probably why I only have 3 and not covered lol. I think carefully about what I want.

    March 11 at 9:37pm  / Reply
  4. 317Carol 

    Aw pouty lip :(
    If we only knew then what we know now.

    March 11 at 9:43pm  / Reply
    • Chris 

      I don’t know why more people don’t know then what they know now. It’s only intelligence. Not that hard to have. I knew at 16 that that individual tattoos are for the most part short lived in the amount of time your going to like them so I didn’t get any and still haven’t. Although they can be beautiful, there’s only so long when you want to look at one specific thing on your body everyday.

      March 12 at 12:54am  / Reply
  5. John Lewis Wright 

    <3 I'm proud of and love you very much. ^_^ My brave Kelly. :D Xoxo…

    March 11 at 9:49pm  / Reply
  6. Tegan 

    Oh, I have definitely learned my lesson hahahaha

    March 11 at 9:49pm  / Reply
  7. Katus 

    I have 5 tattoos that are very meaningful and I love them. They are in places that are not necessarily visible on a day to day basis either, although sometimes I wish they were.

    March 11 at 9:50pm  / Reply
  8. jen 

    I have 39 and one is ozzy i dont regret any of mine they all have meaning

    March 11 at 9:50pm  / Reply
  9. Jimmey 

    Tattoos tell people who you were, not who you are.

    March 11 at 9:51pm  / Reply
    • Gina 


      March 11 at 10:26pm  / Reply
      • Linda 

        That is y we have something called talking!

        March 12 at 11:23am  / Reply
  10. Misty 

    I know it’s a very personal decision but I don’t understand why you would remove so many? It it to have bare arms again? Because of the profession you’re in you feel like having them is negative? I dont regret any of mine. I do agree that one should never get tattoos without serious contemplation. I hope that your decision to have them removed is your own and that you dont regret it.

    March 11 at 9:59pm  / Reply
    • dezi 

      I agree 100%

      March 12 at 6:56am  / Reply
  11. mariska(netherlands) 

    I only have tatroo’s with a memorie or meaning :o n my shoulder a music note with wings and the word bsb(almost 20 years fan),on myaforarm the sign from charmed that stands for my grandma my mom and myself and i have the word faith on the side from my forarm i agree 100% with think before you ink.

    March 11 at 9:59pm  / Reply
  12. Nicole Buchanan 

    Kelly I have 2 tattoos and both have a meaning behind them. I don’t get them for the hell of it, that’s what was always something I’ve thought about for a really long time. I love the tattoos of the one for your dad, and for having the wings on your back. I think those are so beautiful. Were you thinking of getting all of them off or just the ones you don’t want to see anymore? With tattoos or not I think your just a beautiful person inside and out. Love your family they are always so supportive of you. Take care Kelly.

    March 11 at 10:06pm  / Reply
    • Karl Stading 

      I have to admit that I feel the same way about the Osbournes and I’ve always been so proud of her and her risky decisions. In a way, she has been my idle and I’m a 47 yr. old man. It has been a pleasure watching her grow and become a very respected individual.
      Thank You Nicole for bringing your love to light. We love you Ms. Kelly Osbourne

      June 29 at 11:34pm  / Reply
  13. Brittany 

    I wish I could afford to remove mine and had a place I trust around here! I guess you live and learn…Best of luck to you!

    March 11 at 10:09pm  / Reply
  14. Amy 

    I wish I could could remove a couple of my tattoos :( I feel like I can’t wear anything but maxi dresses, skirts, or jeans because of the dumb decisions I made as a teen. People look at me like I’m trash or someone I’m not because of it and I HATE IT!!

    March 11 at 10:11pm  / Reply
    • Karl Stading 

      Amy, Who gives a hoot about what people think. Just be yourself and be proud of yourself not what’s on your skin. If they don’t like it, then hell don’t look at it. Karl

      June 29 at 11:38pm  / Reply
  15. Jenay 

    I have several tattoos that are clearly visible and I’m very happy with them. How can you not think before you ink? Tattoos are forever. I was young when I got my first one and I knew then that my tattoo needs to really mean something.

    March 11 at 10:12pm  / Reply
    • Laura 

      I think a lot of people do “think” before they ink, but weren’t necessarily thinking straight per se. One of my old friends from grade school just posted a picture of his newest tattoo… and it covers an entire side of his leg, down the entire leg. I think he thought it would be significant and special, and it may be for a while, but I think it’s difficult for a lot of people to think that far in the future, especially when they’re so into something that they think, “I can’t possibly ever dislike the meaning behind this tattoo!” And then one day they just… do.

      March 12 at 8:47am  / Reply
  16. Amy 

    Please ignore the typos! This stupid phone has a mind of it’s own! Lol

    March 11 at 10:13pm  / Reply
  17. Paula 

    I have 11 I am a nurse in Trinidad where they are conservative about tattoo in my profession when I first heard that you were doing this I was disappointed and to be honest I still am but a word from me wouldn’t change your mind I saw rob kardashian laZer off some of his as will I don’t understand it because to me it leaves a scar but oh well hope you are happy with how you look after that’s most important I won’t remove mine. I hope you going back to blond is not next because I may just blow a gasket take care of your self

    March 11 at 10:13pm  / Reply
  18. Rhonda 

    I am glad your getting off the ones you don’t like. I am not a tatoo girl. But variety makes the word interesting. Stay strong, I am sure it hurts but it hurts to get them to.

    March 11 at 10:22pm  / Reply
  19. Angel Angie 

    Whatever floats your boat Kelly I just hope you don’t get all hypocritical and start talking down about ink now that your removing yours…. I have a sleeve and I love it!

    March 11 at 10:24pm  / Reply
  20. Martha 

    I have 2 on my left chest and both have meaning. I would like to have a couple more.

    March 11 at 11:17pm  / Reply
  21. marloes 

    I agree that you have to think before ink… some just don’t…having tattoos on a young age is the biggest problem. i’m coverd in tattoos and have no regrets about it. But i started with it at age 28…

    March 11 at 11:55pm  / Reply
  22. leah 

    I have 4 tattoos and I don’t regret them the only visible one is on my wrist they all have meaning I wouldn’t get them removed but there are people who regret them so go for it Kelly hope the pain oes away quick

    March 12 at 12:03am  / Reply
  23. Tabitha 

    I have had 7tats all that could hide since I was 17 I’m 36 now and just got my 1and2 yr olds names on my wrist top side I like them it’s been 10 yrs since I had one maybe early start on midlife crisis and just don’t care lol oh and I’m 6 yrs sober so that wasn’t a factor <3

    March 12 at 12:22am  / Reply
  24. Deena 

    I am doing tattoo removal on my back two different big ones.. going on my 4th next Friday. . I can handle pain but this takes the bullet. .. even after having numbing cream on for 2 hrs I still felt it a lot .

    March 12 at 12:23am  / Reply
  25. Mandycm 

    I am also getting a tattoo removed & it’s really sore, – (it’s taken more than a year & it’s only half gone) it really annoys me that young people are constantly getting tattoos which they will truly regrette in the future.!!!
    Thanks for highlighting the fact & good lucky with the pain x

    March 12 at 12:30am  / Reply
  26. Rossanna 

    Thats why i waited untill i was 40… to get a tattoo…near my back side…no one can see it,unless i choose to…lol..Kelly om sure there are worse thongs you could have done to yourself..Love your Lavender are so darling!…good for you,Rebel girl…!!!

    March 12 at 1:05am  / Reply
  27. loz 

    Out of my seven tattoos only one was done with very little consideration (I still love it, but its on the back of my neck so easily hid if that changes). With all my other tattoos i made a point of leaving the designs in my wallet, or in a place I would see it every day. If I didnt get bored of it after a few months then I considered getting it inked. Only in the past 10 years, maybe less, are people starting to appreciate that tattooing is an art form and not meant for people walking in and picking something on a whim. Our bodies are special and should only be decorated with the very best art for our personal galleries. That having been said we can all make mistakes so no one should beat thealmselves up over it, thats how we learn and grow :)

    March 12 at 1:55am  / Reply
  28. Ange 

    I got all my tats after the age of 40. IMHO, NO-ONE under forty should be allowed to make any decisions like these.

    What’s wrong with temporary tats?

    March 12 at 2:08am  / Reply
    • Giorgetta 

      How can you say that? As long as they think about it and there meaning behind it. I knew I wanted one since I was 15 (i’m 21 now) but I wsited 5 years because I didnt know what I wanted or where I wanted it.

      March 12 at 7:06am  / Reply
  29. miss monkermonk 

    Having tattoos when you are younger I find is ruled by fashion or friends…they are a ‘punk’ ‘rockabilly’ for a few months till the next trend.. Younger people tend to not be able to afford to go to decent tattooists, so the work they have looks poor quality. I had a couple of tribal tattoos at 18 , …don’t particularly like tribal design now but still like my tattoos they are part of me. Now 34 I’m still a tattoo fan and still want to be covered. Over the last few years I have my chest, half sleeve and full sleeve in progress. I’m glad I waited to be sure who I was going to be. My only regret is that its hard to fit tattoo time in now with work and family commitments but I will get there legs next.

    March 12 at 2:12am  / Reply
  30. Dejan Ɖukiċ 

    I have been trying to decide on a tattoo for last 4 years and could not so now I have gone off the idea all together. You are so right in saying think before you ink.

    March 12 at 3:29am  / Reply
  31. sophiemurray7 

    Aww Kelly, dont see how you can sit though it, which tattoos you keeping?

    March 12 at 4:03am  / Reply
  32. Linda 

    I was 35 when I got my first of 4 tattoos. It is a cartoon character that I’ve lived since I was a kid. Two are of my dogs, they are on my back. One of them, she was my first dog, she’s gone 2 years. Miss her terribly and that tattoo is another way she’s with me all the time. One also on my ankle which is very symbolic. They all mean so much. I’m 52 and will be getting one more. No regrets. They are hidden in the colder months but come summer, I live showing them off.

    March 12 at 4:21am  / Reply
  33. angela-mia 

    I have 4 tattoos 1 that is on my leg and happens to be a stoned turtle I love turtles but I got it right when I turned 18 and In high school…now I dont regret any my tattoos but now being older and a mom I been trying to get it touched up n fixed but no one wants to touch it…

    March 12 at 4:45am  / Reply
  34. TARA 

    Aaaaah I saw this day comming for you many years ago!
    I knew from day one you would regret them eventually!

    March 12 at 5:23am  / Reply
  35. NotAnIdiot 

    Think before you permanently alter your body? WHAT A GREAT IDEA! *rolls eyes*
    This idea is not profound to me.
    I would never remove any of my tattoos. .. and screw people that judge the inked.

    March 12 at 5:30am  / Reply
  36. BeautifulSkin no ink 

    Never liked them especially on women. I always pointed them out on OLD women to my teen daughters so they can see what they looked like when you are older. Not very flattering and painful in and out. And if you like them why do you hide them? Just saying. I’m a bridal seamstress and usually the first thing most brides say is can you hide it? To each their own, not for me and I don’t care what other people want to do to express themselves. We’re all different.

    March 12 at 5:43am  / Reply
  37. ceciroma 

    hello Kelly!!! I always remember you daddy´s words : “if want to be different…. don´t make a tattoo”. It was in a chapter of the reality show, and you appear with a small red heart …. your father was so angry!!! hahahaha

    I have just one tattoo, all the time im trying to cover it…. I think Im going to remove it …


    March 12 at 6:02am  / Reply
  38. Tingaling124 

    I have 7 and I only regret one, which is on my back so I can’t see it anyway. Think before you ink is very good advice, and do your research! You may have come up with a wonderful design but you still need to find someone who can tattoo it the way you want it to look.

    March 12 at 6:37am  / Reply
  39. Holly Charlotte Dowling Jones 

    Hope it is not too painful :-( I have 13 :-S My bf when I was 17 was covered in them and so for my 18th I had a really small one done on my hip with the intention of that being it! It can become a bit addictive. Thankfully it is also costly and so limited me from going too crazy. None of mine are visible unless you “really” know me apart from one on my wrist. I never really regretted them as they are discrete and they all have a personal meaning but I did rethink the one on my wrist recently when my 4 year old drew an imitation on her wrist. Shock and horror at the thought that she might consider it when she is older :-( It is a personal choice to have them and if they do not make you happy any more and you can remove them without any harm then go for it. Hope it is not too painful. Wishing you a speedy recovery (healing) and a fab year ahead :-) Holly Jones UK x

    March 12 at 6:44am  / Reply
  40. Jennifer 

    I have over 30+ tattoos and I don’t regret any of them.

    March 12 at 7:24am  / Reply
  41. Courtney 

    I have three very large tattoos and everyday I wake up and love them more and more. If ur wanting urs removed then you obviously didn’t think about it very much before u got them. They have to have meaning to u. Don’t go around saying that everyone will regret there tattoos and want them removed because in fact some of us really wanted them forever.

    March 12 at 7:30am  / Reply
  42. Becky 

    I want to get a purple ribbon with my mom’s name on it. She passed away 3 years ago from Pancreatic Cancer. Maybe a half purple half orange because she had MS for 20 years before she passed.

    March 12 at 7:32am  / Reply
  43. Laura 

    So proud of you Kelly !

    March 12 at 8:20am  / Reply
  44. Marielle van Boeijen 

    I have a bunch of tattoos and they all have their own story. I will never regret any of them as they all take me back to that time in my life. They are generally good memories. The only thing I will NEVER do is get a tattoo of a boyfriend/girlfriend’s name because I find that to be the biggest mistake I could ever make. I am lucky to have a good bond with my tattoo artist, because she is also my mother… So we talk about it when I get a new tattoo as well. She always finds that I have a pretty good reason to all of them.

    March 12 at 8:21am  / Reply
  45. Lindsay 

    ehh i have a lotttt of tattoos.. both arms, chest, back, thigh, and i love them more each day.. i love how i look. :) :) its been years and iv never thought different.

    March 12 at 8:27am  / Reply
  46. Charlie 

    Tattoos MUST HAVE A MEANING and no one under 21 should get them.

    March 12 at 10:45am  / Reply
  47. Fabelak 

    will you remove all your tattoos?

    March 12 at 1:44pm  / Reply
  48. Selisa 

    I waited until I was 29 and I thought out each of my tattoos before I got them. I put them in places where they can be covered with clothing. I don’t really want anything on my arms. I can hide them so well to where it was 6 years before my mom found out I had any. My parents hate tattoos so I cover them up when I’m around them. Kelly I hope you keep the Daddy and Locket tattoo because it was special and it’s beautiful. It is better to not get a tattoo if you think you might regret it one day.

    March 12 at 2:38pm  / Reply
  49. OzzyOsbourneFamilyRules 

    hi kelly my name is bridgette i think your family is so nice & funny & love your hair tell everyone i said hi if thats ok i’m a severley disabled girl loves listening to your dads music & i love the changes duet u 2 did togther i hope u all are doing good
    i wish u all the luck with matthew

    March 12 at 2:54pm  / Reply
  50. Catherine 

    Well I think you look beautiful with or without tatoos <3

    March 12 at 5:24pm  / Reply


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