Spring Fling: Putting Together The Perfect Look

Spring Fling

There is a back story to today’s spring fling which will give you a little insight of how me and Kelly have always worked together and how we come up with our fashion conclusion. It’s exactly why I have always adored when we get together and create and how much fun we have always had while doing so.

Kelly: “Let’s do a poodle skirt spring fling!”

Brooke: “Okay, what about this skirt” (showing her a skirt that has nothing to do with poodle skirts)…

Kelly: “Look at this one! (shows me a really cute poodle skirt).”

Brooke: “I like it. What about this one (again…not showing her a poodle skirt)…”

Kelly: “JELLY SHOES!!!”

Brooke: “YEEEEES”

And so it begins….We start building a look off one piece that inspires us and gives us that fashion glimmer in our eyes. Next came the A line skirt (keeping the silhouette streamlined) so it didn’t’t compete with the shoe. We based the whole look off of this spring’s trend and Kelly’s suggestion, “The Jelly”. Which is most every girl’s favorite nostalgic shoe from their childhood. Then we added the socks for a flirty, feminine flair (which is shown in a lot of editorials and campaigns), but we wanted to show you how it is absolutely wearable in real day-to-day life too (not just in the pages of magazines). At the end of putting today’s spring fling together, I realized we didn’t’t go with the poodle skirt, but Kelly still steered me right back to her original direction, which was 50’s greaser throwback… but she did it with a modern twist, with “THE JELLY”!

xx Brooke & Kelly



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