SPRING FLING: The “New, New” Boyfriend Jean


Last night, me and Kelly got together to discuss “spring fling.” We quickly agreed that the “new, new” boyfriend jean is what we both couldn’t live without, so we put together a casual day look to inspire you! I loved how just when I thought we were going to take the look in one direction (a bright heel, streamlined white tee and a necklace), Kelly inspired a completely different one by talking about how cool they would look with wedge sneakers. So just like old times, we started collaborating with ideas on how to style the look, keep it playful and daytime, but still chic. ENJOY!

What we love about the “new, new” BOYFRIEND JEAN:

  • More fitted, more flattering
  • Worn with everything from a simple heel to a wedged sneaker
  • Distressed denim, ALWAYS
  • Backpack, purse or clutch friendly!




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