Spring Fling: Jessicka Addams

Today’s Spring Fling is from one of my really good friends… in fact she is more of a big sister to me, Jessicka Addams!!  (back when she was the lead singer of Jack Off Jill and currently the singer of Scarling, she was the mother hen that looked after all of us lost little punk rock/goth girls… in fact she still does today) Jessicka is an AMAZING artist! In 2010, she did an exhibition called “Smile Even If It Hurts” featuring the most adorable BLACK BUNNY PIN! This one is sold out BUT she releases new designs and a bunch of other incredible  wearable limited edition collectibles all the time. (By the way Jessicka I wear one of your pins almost every day and I love them dearly!!)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE her work. She’s very inspired by Goth & Grrrl culture, the Easter Bunny (Perfect for Easter and Spring HAH!), animal masks, cats, religious iconography and all things John Walters. She uses themes that dabble in identity, vulnerability and loss of innocence. But she contrasts the seriousness with her touches of absurdity, hope and humor. The best part… She’s SELF TAUGHT!! You couldn’t teach this girl her talent… It’s all natural!!


There’s so much more I can say about this amazing girl, but go check her and her work out for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!!! For more, go to her site. xoxo



  1. Vivvyvee 

    John Walters eh?

    April 19 at 5:26am  / Reply
    • BunnyPuppy 

      Yeah I saw that too. Give her a break it’s a typo, clearly. Everybody knows it is Filmmaker John Waters.

      April 19 at 11:01am  / Reply
  2. Paolo 

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    August 5 at 7:06pm  / Reply


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