SPRING FLING: Chanel iPhone Case

Kelly Osbourne - CHANEL

Recently everywhere I go I have literally been accosted so people can inquire as to where I got my Chanel No. 5 Perfume bottle iPhone case necklace. I am all about sharing the wealth and have never really been one to keep things to myself, so I thought I would let you know where I got it and my story in finding it!

Kelly Osbourne - CHANEL

About 4 months ago, I was perusing the Internet looking to see what vintage Chanel treasures I could find to add to my obsessive collection when I came across a picture of a beautiful Japanese girl wearing the iPhone case. I immediately called my friend Colin at Chanel and he had no idea what I was talking about!!! I even went as far as calling my friends that work at Chanel in Paris… still nothing. So I made it my mission to find it. After about a week of hunting website after website it suddenly hit me. The one site that I did not check was the one site in the world you can literally find anything, AMAZON!!!!!!!!!!!! Low and behold there it was. Naturally I was like a mad women and bought one for all my girlfriends as it ranged in price from just $18- $24 #FashionBargain!!!!!! Now you know where to get it. Will you be getting one?



  1. Pam 

    Since in the last 2 months I have dropped one phone in the river.. the next in the restroom and now on my third it is a necessity for me to get one how Beautiful.. thanks for the tip!!

    April 15 at 1:10pm  / Reply
  2. Lviz 


    April 15 at 2:19pm  / Reply
  3. Catherine 

    Which seller did you buy from? None of them have feedback and I’m sometimes wary of Amazon sellers.

    April 15 at 2:25pm  / Reply
  4. Barbie 

    I so want one, too cool.

    April 15 at 2:45pm  / Reply
  5. Becky 

    I bought one couple of months ago from another web site. Typed in designer iphone 5 cases and found it. Same price, and didn’t have to deal with Amazon.

    April 15 at 3:11pm  / Reply
  6. sylviacluna 

    Would love one for my wife……

    April 15 at 3:55pm  / Reply
  7. Joanna 

    Hell yeah!!!! XOXO

    April 16 at 1:59pm  / Reply
  8. John Lewis Wright 

    Dude, you should gets a patent on things like this and pitch them to all the major designers. =)) Men need ones in our favorite fragrances too. :P

    April 16 at 3:45pm  / Reply
  9. Maddiekae 

    Where the hell can I get it cos I searched amazon and I can’t find it which sucks I need this case in my life lol

    April 18 at 6:45pm  / Reply
    • Rosa 

      Hi Maddie,

      please check my instagram account @ilovemethestore. I am selling these things and more.


      June 2 at 4:43pm  / Reply
  10. Mainearista 

    I’ve been using the white one for some time now. U can find them on Asian websites (:

    April 20 at 7:49pm  / Reply
    • Abi 

      Which Asian website?

      July 5 at 2:51am  / Reply
  11. Kim 

    I got mine on Amazon. Search “Chanel perfume bottle I phone 5 case”. It should work. The vendor I used was “pro gears”. No problems getting it or with payment

    April 24 at 8:54am  / Reply
  12. Shop416 

    If you are interested in this case, visit my shop on Instagram @Shop416. I have the Chanel perfume case (and more) for sale. :)

    April 24 at 10:31pm  / Reply
  13. Kylie 

    I got them for only about 3 bucks from Malaysia so I bought both colours. They’re too pretty to resist, huh? Lovin’ it!

    May 3 at 10:10am  / Reply
  14. Mel 

    I have these cases in black for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and black and white for iPhone 4. I bought a truckload while on holiday. Please email melatikesuma@gmail.com. Free worldwide shipping.

    May 18 at 5:01pm  / Reply
    • Lio 

      How much 4 Samsung note 2

      May 19 at 9:47pm  / Reply
  15. phee 

    Hi Kelly can u help me with a shop in Atlanta Georgia where I can bue the perfume cover for galaxy s3 s4. note 3 and tab 3 thank u

    May 20 at 10:55am  / Reply
  16. Colleen 

    Where can I find one

    June 8 at 3:49pm  / Reply
  17. Linda 

    Is it a real chanel case or is it fake? .. :o

    June 17 at 6:05am  / Reply
  18. Kate 

    I don’t get it. This isn’t real Chanel. Why are you promoting knockoffs?

    June 21 at 3:54am  / Reply
  19. sbbsrr 
    June 24 at 5:35am  / Reply
  20. Zooey 

    Excellent quality Chanel inspired phone case at eggandsquare.com. I have been searching around and they offer the lowest price. Only USD 10 each!!

    July 1 at 11:28pm  / Reply
    • A.Byner 

      Thanks just ordered..please send soon

      July 7 at 6:16am  / Reply
      • Tina V 

        Thanks for your order. We will ship out today

        July 7 at 7:13am  / Reply
        • Annette 

          I love it…I need two more.

          July 13 at 8:05pm  / Reply
        • mberglove 

          Just ordered one as well! Hope it comes soon xx

          August 7 at 12:36am  / Reply
    • melissa 

      do you have a store in nyc? your contact us has a new york address

      July 7 at 11:34am  / Reply
      • Tina 

        Hi, Melissa we are an online retailer and currently working to add more items to our website. We do not have a physical store yet.

        July 10 at 9:56am  / Reply
  21. Dajani 

    Are there any for htc one m7 ??? Can I get one made ??

    July 10 at 8:11pm  / Reply
    • Mikayy 

      It seems no one for m7, i only got one for iphone5S.

      July 17 at 8:49pm  / Reply
  22. OZ Karts 
    July 17 at 8:55pm  / Reply
  23. ynita 

    Where can I find a chanel phone case for note 3 beside esty website it’s 40 bucks here need lower price

    July 26 at 10:03am  / Reply


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