Race To Erase MS Gala

I was so honored to attend the 21st Annual Race to Erase MS Gala this past weekend. As many of you know my brother Jack was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis two years ago. Without the help of Nancy Davis (who also has MS), the founder of Race to Erase MS and dear family friend, we would have had no idea who to go to or what to do. She is an incredible woman that I truly love and adore. Her eternal optimism and unwavering determination to find a cure for this depilating disease blows me away…. Nancy is one strong women and she is unstoppable! It was an incredible night the atmosphere in the room was wickedly fun. (The Davis’s are known for throwing a good party!) It warmed my heart to see how many wonderful people showed up to support this incredible cause. Natalie Cole, CeeLo Green and Steven Tyler all preformed and got everyone on their feet dancing!!!!! Can you believe that someone bid $20,000 to have dinner with my family???? That’s insane but thank you thank you thank you whomever you are, I can’t wait to have dinner with you!!!!! It’s going to be a fun one so get prepared… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!


If you want to get involved with this amazing charity and have $25 dollar to spend please check out the website http://www.erasems.org and buy the T-shirt my fabulous mother and I are modeling. We are all in this Race Together thank you for all you support!



  1. SK 

    Malapropism check #2: It’s ‘debilitating disease’ not ‘depilating’…..depilate means to remove hair

    May 6 at 7:16am  / Reply
  2. 317Carol 

    I travel all around the country to see your father perform, so Yes, I can believe someone paid that much to have dinner with all 4 of you. That is the ultimate Osbourne fan jackpot! It’s better than winning the lottery. I wish I could say it was me, but I missed the auction . And of course it’s a great cause too. We want Jack to kick the shit out of MS! Don’t underestimate the Osbourne fans. We have your backs no matter what. I know it may seem odd, and I can’t even really explain why but your family is just special to us. You just have something very unique that clicks with us.

    May 6 at 4:06pm  / Reply
  3. Valerie Kibler 

    So wish we had events like this in Southern New Jersey! I have MS and sure would enjoy a gala maybe in Atlantic City!! So glad it was a huge success!!

    May 22 at 10:40am  / Reply


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