I’m so thrilled that I can finally talk about and show you guys my MAC collection. It is such an honor for both me and my mother to be the first mother daughter duo to design our individual collections for MAC Cosmetics. Ever since I can remember MAC has been my favorite makeup, not only for their wide range of colors but their ingenuity and forward thinking and how they are able to change public perception through the use of makeup. I had so much fun working with the MAC team, playing with pigments and learning what really goes into makeup, because let’s think about it Ladies and Gentlemen ;) … we put makeup on our face almost everyday, we should know what’s in it. It was really important while designing this collection that I stayed true to myself while creating fashion forward pigments that applied the right way would look amazing on almost every woman of every color and every size. I hope you love it as much as I do. Everyday I have a different favorite and I can’t wait to hear your favorites are! Will you be a Kelly Yum Yum? Or a Dodgy Girl?

See the full collection below.

Kelly-Osbourne-Mac-Collection Kelly-Osbourne-Mac-Collection-1



  1. Nicole 

    I don’t know if mac missed something, but you can definitely see your extensions on top (the stitching) . You are my idol and I love the whole make up look and hair color but i thought you should know bout the extensions .

    May 22 at 4:25pm  / Reply
    • Macaddict 

      Lol that’s not the stitching of her extension, it’s a head band… And what looks like “stitching” is the teeth of the band.

      May 22 at 7:43pm  / Reply
      • Nicole 

        I looked closely on my tablet and i agree it is a headband. My mistake. And i wasn’t trying to bash or anything Kelly is my idol. And i know that this is a big campaign. And I love all the products and will be buying them all soon. The colors are great and as i said on comment above I love the whole look of the campaign shot and the makeup is divine . Her hair color is on point.

        May 23 at 3:00pm  / Reply
  2. layne9261 

    Kelly I love the pic of you and jack when you were little. I miss my baby brother he passed away at 40 yrs old. House explosion. It will be 15 yrs sept 26….sorry I went on I just miss him we were soooo close like you and Jack. Love your mac products…….

    May 22 at 4:42pm  / Reply
  3. Jane 

    When is it going to be released??

    May 22 at 6:10pm  / Reply
  4. Loren 

    omg I am so so happy! I cant wait for this to hit stores!

    May 22 at 8:17pm  / Reply
  5. Amandaandlola 

    Kelly, I am so excited about this line I have been counting the days for months!! Thanks so much for sharing!! God Bless xoxox

    May 23 at 5:59am  / Reply
  6. Rene' 

    Kelly, Are you or do you have red lip stick? It’s a classic… I don’t see why you wouldn’t. I hope your line grows and I am so proud of you making it like you have. Can’t wait until this hits the stores! Let us know what stores your products are being sold in. I will certainly try your line!

    May 23 at 6:13pm  / Reply
  7. chantelle 

    cannot wait for this!!!!! waaaah!!!!!!!! <3

    May 28 at 11:57am  / Reply
  8. Noelietrex 

    I love the colors, and am glad you’re interested in what ingredients go into cosmetics. I’d be very interested in buying these if they are made with natural, organic, or vegan ingredients! Can you tell us more about the line up?

    May 28 at 12:15pm  / Reply
  9. ca51dun 

    literally so excited!! i can’t wait!! I NEED EVERYTHING!

    May 30 at 4:36pm  / Reply
    • Gina 

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      June 11 at 10:46am  / Reply
      • Alba 

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        July 9 at 7:49pm  / Reply
      • Donna 

        That’s a shrewd answer to a tricky quoisten

        July 21 at 6:32pm  / Reply
  10. brenda c. 

    I love the collection but so much is sold out. Any updates on restocking. I must have it all.

    June 8 at 1:43pm  / Reply
  11. Hyemi 

    It’s the first time I commented here and I sohlud say that you provide us genuine, and quality information for bloggers! Good job.p.s. You have an awesome template for your blog. Where did you find it?

    June 11 at 9:01am  / Reply
  12. Samantha 

    Your line is gorgeous! I have found my way to purchase almost everything from your collection that I really wanted (which was almost everything). My skin tone is almost exactly like yours and it is so refreshing to have a collection that works for me. I cannot find Dodgy Girl, however. It sold out online fast. I have a MAC store and two MAC counters within fifteen minutes from me. They sold out of the collection immediately as each store only got seven of each lip colour. I got the last of two of the lipsticks (Riot House and Kelly Yum Yum). People were ready to fight me! I (genuinely) sympathized with the artists and they ended up selling me the products, which I was not expecting. Make up artists were yelled at over being sold out, and samples were stolen. I heard people saying they drove from out of state to purchase the collection. I even heard one woman who drove three hours from a work conference to get her pretty paws on the collection! It was an interesting day. I hope I get the chance to get Dodgy Girl. Again, the line is beautiful and the forumlas are all amazing!

    June 13 at 9:48am  / Reply
    • Jerry 

      This inmatforion is off the hizool!

      July 28 at 1:59pm  / Reply
  13. Stephanie mccall 

    How can I order the lipsticks from kelly collection

    June 14 at 9:43pm  / Reply
  14. JG 

    It is a shame that MAC pulls the same crap all the time…never enough product for everyone to purchase.

    June 19 at 11:46am  / Reply
  15. Amy 

    I absolutely love your new lipsticks. They were sold out in the stores and online so I ended up paying more for them on Ebay, it was well worth the extra money though. I don’t know what I am going to do when there are no more available. I wish I could buy them all the time. You just can’t find these great colors anywhere else. I wish you can continue to sell them or bring them back permanently.

    July 13 at 11:46pm  / Reply
  16. Cortina 

    Just from a glance online I have to say these look like the best I’ve seen in Mac. Yay! Someone is fabulous ms.kelly

    August 1 at 3:56am  / Reply
  17. Andrea A. 

    Kelly I LOVE the way you have completely transformed yourself!LOVE your style so much!Hugs!

    August 20 at 3:58am  / Reply


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