Oscars Manicure!!


I have decided to keep it classy with my manicure for the Oscars. I chose a simple pale pink and added some sassy edge with a gold sparkly French tip. I love them! What do you guys think?



  1. Julia 

    OMG I love them so much!!! Are they your reall nails????

    February 27 at 7:26pm  / Reply
  2. Julia 

    You’re so perfect and so are your nails I love you so muchhh are they your real nails?????<3

    February 27 at 7:27pm  / Reply
  3. Janine 

    Perfect! Love the shape of the tip!
    Cant wait to see the rest of your oscars look!!

    February 27 at 7:27pm  / Reply
  4. nabi 

    Sooo cute ! Love you nails

    February 27 at 7:32pm  / Reply
  5. scorpiograni 


    February 27 at 7:39pm  / Reply
  6. Lacey 

    Gorgeous! Screw duck nails ;)

    February 27 at 7:41pm  / Reply
    • Sachin 

      Holly, I know, it’s crazy! All of a sudden I just pepopd out. I’m kind of nervous to go to the doctor today to see how much weight I have gained. Our scale broke around the time I found out I was expecting, so I have no idea how much I weigh.

      July 10 at 5:59pm  / Reply
    • Mody 

      Love it! A bit of nostalgia swept over me as I reerebmemd the one piece costumes that tied at the back of the neck. And the masks. Oh, the masks. They had that singular smell to them and the eye holes rarely, if ever, lined up with your eyes. But, the costumes were still fabulous. (sigh)

      July 21 at 7:53pm  / Reply
  7. Rebeca 

    bonis ♥

    February 27 at 7:42pm  / Reply
  8. drellabetty 

    Actually, very nice. Beautiful color, but I do miss the ice cream cones :)

    February 27 at 7:57pm  / Reply
    • Anchal 

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      July 10 at 9:06am  / Reply
    • Delia 

      Soooo, let me get this straight! The Dr only rmveeod the top half of it?! What was the point? In my experience, keloids always grow back and usually even bigger than the original

      July 21 at 7:29pm  / Reply
  9. Sabrina Abenheim 


    February 27 at 8:00pm  / Reply
    • Kazuki 

      I have been thinking about these sruaqe nails for a long time. I guess because we usually think about nails as being round. So if a nail is sruaqe it could be considered an out of the box type of nail. Just seems as if there is some philosophical connection between those sruaqe nails and what I learned about my writing in your class and how to pass what I learned on to my second grade students. Thank you for respecting out of the box expressiveness .

      July 10 at 1:59pm  / Reply
  10. KnockOut 


    February 27 at 8:03pm  / Reply
    • Mochsarif 

      I don’t know any of the subjects of your ptroraits, I’m just a fan of your work .My first vote would have to go to #17, Cherries.And the second vote (facebook fan) #39, the Tent Shot.Looking forward to seeing the winners!

      August 5 at 8:23am  / Reply
    • Nicole 

      aw I love that you still have one of your own masks, thats great!. Someone on my comments posetd that the elastic can sag over time and recommended fishing line through the eyes, which is a great idea!

      August 6 at 9:40am  / Reply
  11. JazzyTazzy77 

    Love your nails just beautiful.

    February 27 at 8:18pm  / Reply
  12. laNiece 

    I love the ring

    February 27 at 8:35pm  / Reply
    • Billie 

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  13. marisol murillo 

    DIVINAS!!! love them pretty chic!

    February 27 at 9:49pm  / Reply
    • Hugo 

      Ive known people that have done both. Generally sinakpeg, the harder the material you use to pluck the string (like fingernails or picks), the sharper the sound. The softer the material (like fingertips) the more dulled, softer the sound. I guess it just comes down to personal preference. I personally can’t see growing out my fingernails simply to use for finger picking, it would seem too impractical in every other aspect of my life.

      July 9 at 2:23pm  / Reply
      • Bubba 

        The voice of raytinaloit! Good to hear from you.

        August 15 at 4:15pm  / Reply
      • Keesha 

        Glad I’ve finally found soheimtng I agree with!

        August 17 at 6:52am  / Reply
    • Dazy 

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      • Maya 

        I am a fan on facebook. I’d like my sonced vote to be for number 48 baby in the blue hat. Not sure if my first went through because I didn’t see it on here but it’s 13 (climbing fence)

        August 5 at 8:05pm  / Reply
      • Visu 

        I love all your photos. My ftvarioe is #40 girl in field she is a beauty just like her mom. I am also a fan on facebook so apply the right number of votes! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

        August 6 at 10:01am  / Reply
  14. Nicole Buchanan 

    I love them you did a really good job on them.

    February 27 at 9:52pm  / Reply
  15. Jane 

    Elegant, perfect, like a princess! Have fun Sunday night Kelly!

    February 27 at 10:29pm  / Reply
  16. Raj Singha 

    Elegant shade of pink. Love the tips.

    February 27 at 11:12pm  / Reply
  17. Tandy 

    that is so elegant yet so you…i love it. greetings all the way from South Africa

    February 28 at 12:05am  / Reply
  18. April 

    I would totally rock those nails… ♥♥♥♥

    February 28 at 12:15am  / Reply
  19. Bekka_boo13 

    Love love love them!!!

    February 28 at 12:35am  / Reply
    • Jessica 

      Sean, I am amazed at the Memorial Tree Garden and your commtiment and dedication to this wonderful project. As a member of Hays Hills, I want to say thank you for all your hard work and tell you how much I appreciate having such a beautiful place to go to for prayer, reflection, and meditation. May God be praised and my His blessings be upon you.Tim Snowden

      July 10 at 5:03am  / Reply
    • Aboomar 

      Oh my gosh, I just discovered today that there is a litlte accessories chain store/boutique that sells Model’s Own np here!!!! :D So excited! I just stumbled on the find in a store that I would not normally enter. Usually us Aussies have to buy it online, but not anymore for me! And I picked up Purple Rain. Literally. I decided not to get any today just quite yet, because they only had a few colours anyway so I was going to try another one of their stores but I could have sworn that the bottle had purple shimmer. In fact, it did. It was a deep royal purple shimmer that looked slightly duochrome. How strange…

      July 21 at 7:09pm  / Reply
  20. Velvet Kay Denney 

    Great choice.

    February 28 at 3:00am  / Reply
  21. Catherine 

    Your nails are always perfect! And I especially love these ones- simple yet elegant.

    February 28 at 4:11am  / Reply
  22. Drewdeb 

    LOVE the nails! LOVE and WANT the ring!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the Oscars look!!!

    February 28 at 4:38am  / Reply
  23. Momo 

    Yay! Very classy ;)

    February 28 at 9:57am  / Reply
    • Yanis 

      The Pretenders are doing it right now…releasing a free album that is. One track a week for download until the oificfal album release, Sept. 23rd.BTW- Boots of Chinese Plastic kicks. It could easily be a lost track from their first album.

      July 10 at 4:02am  / Reply
    • Jhonny 

      Take a long slow drive through direffent neighborhoods and check out the color schemes along the way this helps in the real world Personally I like earth tones have fun!

      July 21 at 6:52pm  / Reply
  24. Artur 

    Finger tips..I can’t play guitar at all with long figenr nails especially with the other hand that you use for the frets. I find the nails get in the way with both hands.

    July 9 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  25. Abdo 

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    July 21 at 6:31pm  / Reply
  26. Anna 

    Most of these comments made absolutely no sense. Maybe in the only human that’s commented. Either that or all Kelly’s fans are certifiable.. Yawn. I’m bored now. Goodbye.

    August 6 at 10:33am  / Reply


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