Kelly Osbourne - Vogue Thoughts

This week the world has been in a complete tizzy over the latest cover of American Vogue featuring one of the… if not the biggest pop culture power couples of the 21st century Kanye West and his wife to be Kim Kardashian. I just can’t bring myself to call them Kimye sorry… I don’t think there has been this much controversy over an American Vogue cover since 2008 with their April issue featuring Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen! As soon as it hit newsstands the world went insane over what was meant to be a ground breaking issue for Vogue as Lebron was the first black man to EVER be featured on their illustrious cover. 2008 PEOPLE THAT WAS ONLY 6 YEARS AGO!!!! IT TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH!!!!!! Needless to say it had the opposite impact to what Vogue had intended. The cover shows Lebron ferociously playing basketball while hold super model Gisele Bundchen as if she is light as a feather. (I bet she is light as a feather?) Instead of seeing a talented man doing what he does best… PLAYING BASKETBALL and holding a SUPER MODEL… Come on you guys it’s VOGUE NOT TIME MAGAZINE!!! In fact I do believe I have seen him pull the exact same facial expression while playing on the court. All people saw a King Kong parody branding Vogue as racially insensitive for reinforcing and contributing to stereotypes. Maybe it might just be my ignorance but I don’t think the picture is racist but I do understand why people would have that opinion. What do you guys think?

Kelly Osbourne - Vogue Thoughts

Kelly Osbourne - Vogue Thoughts

Ok back to Kim & Kanye there is no denying that it looks like a really beautiful picture for the cover of prom magazine so I understand why the fashionistas of the world would not like it. People are even going so far as to cancel their subscriptions or bloggers taking down the link to Vogue magazine. I don’t want to even go into the awful things people have said about them. I find this disgusting. Regardless of whether or not you think Kim and Kanye are worthy enough be on the cover it is, it’s not your decision to make. I do believe that would be up to Anna Wintour. Vogue would be not be what it is today without her foresight. She knows what she is doing and no one can make her do anything. Sooooooo to all you people bashing Vogue, Kim, Kanye, and Anna stop and really think for a second because I am willing to bet my life that whether you recognize it or not somewhere hidden deep down inside of all of us is the dream of being on the cover of VOGUE!!! So back off stop shitting on people’s dreams that have come true and try for once to be happy for other’s success. Stop raining on their parade!

Other magazine covers that have caused a lot of controversy!

Vanity Fair, August 1991: Demi Moore, Pregnant and Nude!  It was shot by Annie Leibovitz this issue was said to be shameful and disgusting when it was released… my my my have times changed it seen like almost ever celebrity that is pregnant does cover shoots like this now!

Kelly Osbourne - Vogue Thoughts

Rolling Stone, January 22, 1981: John Lennon and Yoko Ono! The story behind this cover is beyond romantic!! Also shot by Annie Leibovitz she took this picture only hours before John Lennon was sadly shot outside of his apartment building, in New York City! Originally Annie only wanted to take pictures of John Lennon but he insisted that his wife be in the pictures.

Kelly Osbourne - Vogue Thoughts

Playboy, October 1971: First Playboy African-American Woman This cover was the first Playboy cover to feature an African-American woman. The model is Darine Stern and the photographer was Richard Fegley.

Kelly Osbourne - Vogue Thoughts

Time, April 14 1997: Ellen’s Coming-Out Issue
Time’s cover and exclusive story left no doubt in the minds of all Americans that Ellen is gay.

Kelly Osbourne - Vogue Thoughts

If you realy want to get pissed off and a magazine cover then Golfweek, January 19, 2008: The Noose that Hung an Editor take a look at this… it takes the cake for me…. I mean what the fuck!!!!! This cover was inspired by comments made by a golf anchorman Kelly Tlighman where she stated that fellow players should “lynch (Tiger Woods) in a back alley.” One day after the cover was published, the editor was let go.

Kelly Osbourne - Vogue Thoughts



  1. Tim R 

    Completely agree with you Kelly.
    I tweeted the exact thing to Sarah Michelle Gellar when she wrote that she wanted to cancel her Vogue subscription. Someones dream has come true, why drag them down?

    March 25 at 11:56am  / Reply
    • Mariah 

      Oh please Kelly just kissing the kardashians ass..The truth is that Anna Wintour put two idiots on the cover of Vogue…

      March 27 at 11:57am  / Reply
      • Nicole Groce 

        Tha fact remains that they’re still on the cover so have several seats plz

        March 29 at 1:55pm  / Reply
  2. Zaida 

    Great post Kelly

    March 25 at 11:56am  / Reply
  3. Heather P. 

    Well said! I thought the cover was beautiful, and I can’t imagine Kim, Kanye, or Ms. Wintour are losing any sleep over the handful of pseudo-celebrities who canceled their subscriptions. :-)

    Have a great day!

    March 25 at 11:57am  / Reply
  4. alesia trowbridge 

    I think Kim and Kanye look beautiful! But my favorite magazine cover is John and Yoko.

    March 25 at 11:57am  / Reply
  5. Blackno.9 

    Very well said, Vouge has been around for years it gives young people that extra fock yeah charge attitude. Remembeing my sister allways having to get that magazine. She would show it to in her character in life to be yourself and show people what you really are and be proud of it. Its definetly a class to stand out from others and shine a love light though each and evey dream that is caught in are imagination.

    March 25 at 12:04pm  / Reply
    • Blackno.9 

      Its to bad both of my sisters are married to complete controlling troll cops now. Just kidding I love you guys.

      P.S. I want my sister back damit!!!!
      And yes I’m talking to myself again!!!

      March 25 at 12:27pm  / Reply
      • Blackno.9 

        Yes hate and envy are persons only solution if not tenderly tended to open minded spirits freedom of choise to say and see love and give compasion at heart every beat. And yes its ok to have the wrath of kaunn to reign down on your arses to keep you up to check biznitches!!!! Get over it!!!!! Get over it!!!!

        March 25 at 12:54pm  / Reply
  6. melisagmontoya 

    Finally !!! when i click to see this blog i knew i was going to see some wisdom words.

    March 25 at 12:04pm  / Reply
    • Katherine Morrison 

      I totally agree!

      March 25 at 12:10pm  / Reply
  7. Carrie 

    To me it should be someone who doesn’t try to one up Mrs.Doubtfire and spend soooooo much time on every one’s worst dressed list. Someone that is not so full of themselves as to compare themself to God. Vogue is about fashion and taste. These two have yet to prove they know what fashion and taste are.

    March 25 at 12:06pm  / Reply
    • Joe 

      A black man and a white women on the cover together is a hard thing to swallow for alot of white people.

      April 3 at 9:45am  / Reply
      • Richard 

        Why do,people make this a racial issues? Many don’t like Kim and Kanye for what they stand for! And many just don!t think and don’t they deserve the cover of Vogue. Why do people make it a racial issues? Just because he is black, people want to say that’s why people don’t like the cover. That has nothing to do with it?

        April 4 at 5:33pm  / Reply
  8. VickiGreenwood 

    I admire KO & her opinions. She speaks the truth & is so savvy for a young woman. There are so many haters out there about anything & everything. Stupidity & narrow mundane. Kudos to KO!!!

    March 25 at 12:10pm  / Reply
    • Sara 

      So we have to love everything and never speak out? Even things we disagree with? If we don’t like kim we have to be a hater? First of all, that word is childish , and secondly you can not like something and not hate it.

      April 4 at 6:04pm  / Reply
  9. Blackno.9 

    To bad both sisters are married to complete controlling troll cops now.Ha Ha Ha Ha! Just kidding you guys are the best and I love you.

    March 25 at 12:10pm  / Reply
  10. Hany 

    Well said! People always take everything out of context and add all the negativity!!

    March 25 at 12:10pm  / Reply
  11. bex 

    Totally agree with you kelly! Im so sick of people shitting on kim and kanye they are a fab couple! How kim has managed hating arseholes is comendable! Xx id love to be on vogue oh dreammms

    March 25 at 12:13pm  / Reply
    • Sara Ann 

      I am not trying to be rude or disrespectful but I have a question. Why is it every time someone doesn’t like kim or a kardasahian , they have to be a “hater” you can not like people and not hate them. That word is to strong and too over used. I don’t like her or her family, I personally don’t like their morals and principals, but I don’t hate her. Fans call that a “hater”

      April 2 at 7:45pm  / Reply
      • Meiko Carter-Butler 

        I wonder the same thing(lol) I think it’s the new cool word

        April 2 at 8:29pm  / Reply
  12. Melissa 

    I completely agree with you. I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m not a fan of either one of them but they do look great on that cover. I think people need to open their minds, let things be the way they are and mind their own business. Too many people are in other peoples business and can’t get a handle on their own lives. If they did get a handle on their own lives, they wouldn’t be so jealous and hate so much.

    March 25 at 12:27pm  / Reply
  13. Eric 

    You know what? Your full of it! You are only sucking up to Anna Wintour and that is the truth! Kim is what’s wrong with out society. Having a black person on the cover of Vogue is amazing!! But a Kardashian? I don’t get it. You said it yourself it looks like a cover of a prom magazine. How will anyone get inspired by this? At least put a couple we all admire on the cover.. Doesn’t that make sense? Just my thoughts.. Please don’t judge me as I am only a fashion victim like you.

    March 25 at 12:28pm  / Reply
  14. BrieAlexa 

    I personally stopped buying American Vogue ever since I saw celebrities on the cover. I love a supermodel or a fashion designer that truly represents the fashion world on the cover of Vogue. Paris Vogue does a great job and Harpers Bazzar with Lara Stone on the cover is lovely! !! Overall …This is still a bad prom picture and that hashtag is puke worthy.

    March 25 at 12:33pm  / Reply
    • Nina 

      Ditto BrieAlexa!

      As for Ms. Osbourne I remember her war of fat between Ms. A.
      Pot calling the kettle black.
      It’s wonderful to carry on when one has a trust fund and introductions.
      These “entertainers” live in their “own” worlds. Stay in it please!

      March 30 at 7:08pm  / Reply
  15. HECO 

    It’s impressive how people with the sources to publish words for a big number of readers just do it with no regrets, I got here ‘cos i knew the photo trick by James Franco, didn’t have any idea the original couple in Vogue were the face of consume and stupidity of this decade, K and K. It’s easy to understand why some women and men less interested in show business have some critics to say to this kind of covers. Yes, it’s disgusting because shows mankind that in order to be featured in one of the most powerful magazines in the world as a very influential person you don’t need a PHD or a working brain or even a golden talent, you just need to know how to fuck and who you fuck…

    March 25 at 12:33pm  / Reply
    • Blackno.9 

      Good word indeed, you dot the eye very good. The word being numbers thats all its about now money. It goes to show how much bull sharted sharks are really out there. In time for somone to clean this bulls mess up in upper managment. Or just put um out of biz for good with a new mag that would topple them all.

      March 25 at 1:23pm  / Reply
  16. Alexis 

    just saying this is the 21st century

    March 25 at 12:47pm  / Reply
    • sas 

      What does that mean? Once again the root of her”fame” is her sex tape and the fact that her father was OJ Simpsons lawyer. Is reality tv the new reality? It might be to the unwashed masses, but for educated people, who I am guessing, are the target audience for Vogue this cover is wrong. Kelly I can sort of hear you puckering up to Anna.

      March 26 at 1:12pm  / Reply
  17. winterish 

    Thanks for injecting a little reason into this mania, Kelly! I’m not a fan of the shot itself, let’s face it… it’s a boring photo. But! Wintour likes Kanye and they both have a street fashion vibe that I think she’d like to market, not to mention the throngs of fans who are OBSESSED with these people.
    Oh… and now everyone is talking about Vogue. She’s EIC for a reason.

    March 25 at 12:48pm  / Reply
  18. myke 

    I don’t care that they’re on the cover but calling them “the biggest pop culture power couples of the 20st century” is pretty f’n ridiculous. The sentence hardly makes sense and even if I set that aside, they are no where near that level of pop power. Kermit the Frog will get his star on Hollywood Blvd before KK.

    BTW .. as an aside … it’s way past the 20th century. It’s the 21st. and it even if it weren’t, it’d be 20th not 20st. Get an editor!

    March 25 at 1:16pm  / Reply
  19. Michelle 

    Well written darling!!!

    March 25 at 1:21pm  / Reply
  20. Anna Paola Protasio 

    Loved your words!

    March 25 at 1:24pm  / Reply
  21. Ida 

    The same way you are asking people to accept the cover, then accept that we have the right to our opinion and if we don’t like the cow and her boy friend, then we have the right to say so

    March 25 at 1:27pm  / Reply
  22. Leslie 

    My issue is that Kim is nothing but a porn star – she has not ‘done’ anything in her life w/o the purpose being for publicity. Anyone can make a sex tape and that is what I find disgusting about her and her constant quest for stardom. Her face is immovable, she is not a true beauty and her soon-to-be hubby is full of himself, rude and obnoxious.
    What happened to the true vision of beauty on Vogue? I, for one, will not watch anything w/the Kardashians nor will I buy Vogue.

    March 25 at 1:29pm  / Reply
    • Wendy 

      My thoughts exactly!

      March 25 at 9:27pm  / Reply
  23. dbloom4866 

    Perfect post. The rest of the World needs to get a life.

    March 25 at 1:35pm  / Reply
  24. dbloom4866 

    Beautiful cover!

    March 25 at 1:36pm  / Reply
  25. Amy 

    I really don’t see what’s wrong with it. It’s actually quite a dull image to be creating all this drama! It certainly shouldn’t be receiving this amount of aggro. The image they’ve used definitely isn’t as hard hitting as some of the other covers you’ve posted, it won’t be remembered as a time changing cover at all! What boundaries is it crossing? None. What records is it breaking? None. People need to chill their knickers, its only a magazine cover.

    March 25 at 1:44pm  / Reply
  26. barbara 

    frankly, I cannot understand why anyone cares about this at all. It’s a relatively boring cover. Why cares???

    March 25 at 1:45pm  / Reply
  27. Kellie 

    Totally agree with you Kelly. If people would just be happy there would be so much less for everyone to bitch about but because they would rather point fingers at other people instead of cleaning up their own messed unfortunately we are going to have these issues in society. Why can’t people just be happy?

    March 25 at 1:56pm  / Reply
  28. felipe 

    i stand in favor for kim in vogue because she has the same rights as anyone to be on the cover of vogue it’s not only a magazine of celebrities and fashionistas she has the right to be there and she did beautifully

    March 25 at 2:01pm  / Reply
  29. Lela 

    Well said Kelly but for me the fact that people show hatred it means they wish it was them on the cover. I love Kim and Kanye they are bigger than anyone thinks and that is why people are picking on them, they see the greatness in them. Greatness…….

    March 25 at 2:33pm  / Reply
  30. Mark 

    I personally don’t wish i was on the cover of VOGUE… but i look to VOGUE to elevate the world… and these two self promoters do not represent the world that i want elevated….or aggrandized. They represent what i feel is lacking in our society. So… i can vote my feelings by not buying VOGUE… and those who support and condone these two can vote their feelings by buying VOGUE. we are all free to express our desires in the marketplace.

    March 25 at 2:53pm  / Reply
    • Bigeetah 

      EXACTLY @MARK…Finally, someone who GETS IT.

      March 25 at 6:34pm  / Reply
    • Tabs 

      Actually YOU represent what is lacking in the world….Its called compassion, and humilty for someone else’s path in life.

      Do you know Kim and Kayne personally? Have you encountered their struggles in life? C’mon, seriously bullying is a low tactic which is around for people who have too much time on their hands to hate….

      March 26 at 6:13pm  / Reply
      • Em 

        Hop off your high horse we are here to judge!! Why, because we are the consumers. We the people literally make or break vogue. Vogue has built an impeccable reputation and this is just a step in the wrong direction entirely for its following. We have the right to judge someone who puts herself out there for the masses. Someone who I have yet to see do anything remotely inspirational. Someone who made a mockery of marriage with her 72/73 day marriage. But yet appears once again on the cover of a magazine in a wedding gown.

        March 28 at 8:10am  / Reply
        • this generation 

          when you become perfect i will hand you the pass to judge someone else.what baffles me is why someone because of one mistake is being condemned for the rest of their life.we are all human and we all make mistakes.the beauty of that is that we take those mistakes and learn from my knowledge she’s never made another tape.

          March 30 at 3:47am  / Reply
  31. 317Carol 

    I think it’s a beautiful cover. I don’t understand why some people are upset. Kim seems like a super sweet person, and Kanye seems like he has fallen for her. They both are into fashion (maybe Kanye more than Kim). Many people want to know what and who are they wearing. And I love that you are sticking up for your friend…see this week’s Monday Mantra. I would want you in my corner for sure.

    March 25 at 2:56pm  / Reply
  32. Christi 

    Not a fan of the picture but the bottom line is…. if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. There’s more to life than worrying about who is on the cover of Vogue. I buy magazines because of the content inside, not the cover!

    March 25 at 5:18pm  / Reply
  33. ThePennyChronicles 

    Well said. While not a fashion forward cover, it is very pretty and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West both look stunning. I don’t quite understand why they generate such a strong, antagonistic reaction as compared to other icons of our time, they’re pretty likeable and harmless. I wish Anna Wintour, Vogue, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West nothing but good things.

    March 25 at 6:06pm  / Reply
  34. Angie Barnes 

    Kelly you make a very insightful point. I think that the two are personalities that people love to hate. And your right..I think most would dream of being on the cover of Vogue. .I know I sure have. Maybe Kim and Kanye are the nicest people in the world..but their TV personalities just don’t project that especially kanye. I think most people in the general public would assume that the vogue cover would expect the best of the best in the celebrity world…and with Kanye’s “outburst” and Kims “me” attitude. .The public just don’t see the “best” that could be esp with that hashtag…maybe the editor is putting a mirror in our faces….

    March 25 at 6:42pm  / Reply
  35. Coen 

    Dear Kelly, I love you, I even like Kanye and Kim HOWEVER u are missing the point here! Vogue is a FASHION magazine! What have they done for fashion?! Honestly! I get it was a huge dream for Kim getting on the cover of vogue and I love that she can now say her dream came true however we can not take Vogue serious no more a high fashion magazine! Pics are gorgeous, to die for! But more for a magazine like OK! Again with all due respect! Vogue lost her power! Anna Wintour can not be taken serious anymore! Kimye are not HIGH fashion PERIOD. Period!

    March 25 at 9:04pm  / Reply
  36. Chase 

    People may have the desire to be on the cover of Vogue but that doesn’t mean it will happen or should happen. To those of us who have been Vogue readers for quite some time we understand that Vogue has more so been about high fashion, high class, high brow, etc. than it has with pop culture. And to me and many Vogue subscribers these two individuals do not represent many of the aspects that Vogue has been associated with. Now Anna may have wanted to change Vogue, but in my opinion it has changed for the worse. And really what has Anna done other than maintain Vogue as a business. Business wise, Vogue has had the same 1.2 million circulation since before she was the Editor In Chief and Vogue’s best selling issue of all time was April 1992 and guess who was on the cover? Supermodels! Now I don’t mind celebrities especially when they have earned it and the controversial covers of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Time you have displayed all share one thing they are presenting people who have actually worked for their spot in the world of “pop” culture and are considered more talented than either Kim or Kanye. Now you can not compare Vogue to Playboy (or at least most people wouldn’t have), they represent two completely different worlds Playboy represents a world for men who like to look at attractive women with barely any clothes on (hardly an inspirational image for a woman) and Vogue represents a world for mostly women (and a few men) who are drawn to the most luxurious clothing and accessories available presented in a decadent, aspirational manner (and that can be inspiring and empowering even if it is superficial). And the last cover you have presented here of Golfweek and the following commentary: “One day after the cover was published, the editor was let go,” this could very well be the future of Anna Wintour if this cover of Kim and Kanye does not sell well and subscribers cancel, if one believes the thousands of Twitter and Facebook responses. In conclusion, I disagree with you and I do not think Kim and Kanye should be mentioned in Vogue let alone splashed on the cover.

    March 25 at 9:41pm  / Reply
    • Felice 


      March 26 at 1:43pm  / Reply
  37. Mitz 

    I’m not bashing and I am DEFINITELY not jealous of them. I just think that money talks and Anna Wontour just saw a bunch of $$$ when she thought of these two. I still think Kermit the Frog And Miss Piggy should be on the cover too…lol!

    March 26 at 12:21am  / Reply
  38. Tim R 

    And who can blame Anna and Vogue for thinking money?
    Print magazines are not exactly flying off the shelves anymore, and I can totally see why they might want to take a risk and see if it translates into sales.

    March 26 at 2:45am  / Reply
  39. AnitaC24 

    K & K aside, all magazines are scrambling to 1.) remain relevant 2.) gain ad revenue. This was a calculated decision by Ms. Wintour, and I’m sure, Kanye’s full-court press helped. That said, it’s not a very flattering picture of KK with the severe black hair, under eye circles, dark eye makeup, and almost-white lips — and her biggest ASSet isn’t displayed. Other than that — it’s a princess’ dream come true.

    March 26 at 10:24am  / Reply
  40. Mosh92 

    Bit rich- you work on Fashion Police, you bring in the bacon tearing other people down based upon shallow fashion reasoning. If I want to hate on somebody because of their morals and the way she conducts herself, I am perfectly at liberty to do so. She is a shallow, vacuous waste of oxygen who pays somebody to make her look ‘classy’ but will always be the girl who got pee-d on by Ray J- and the cover of a fashion magazine is no place to put her. She’s cheated charities and lied to her fans and I’m sick of holding her up as somebody to worship when she has as much of a moral compass as a clump of dirt. There are much better people in our world today that deserve a magazine cover. A huge black mark on the history of our generation.

    March 26 at 12:51pm  / Reply
    • Felice 

      ^^^ THIS is amazing! Very well said – so on point! She hides her smile behind her palm, pretending to be in shock and awe, everytime Joan insults someone, their children or their dead relatives…yet WE need to back off? Give me a break! And Giulianna is the worst, and getting more mean-girl-ish with every episode.

      March 26 at 1:38pm  / Reply
    • Natasha 

      So well said. yes, cheating on charities, I forgot about this. Shame on KO for defending this… I don’t even know what to call them…

      March 26 at 4:02pm  / Reply
    • Joe 

      You said it perfectly Mosh92.A huge black man type mark on history.Just say it like you mean it!

      April 3 at 10:00am  / Reply
  41. MarjorieY 

    I’m just so tired of seeing these 2. Can’t we focus on someone… anyone… else?

    March 26 at 12:51pm  / Reply
    • Felice 

      I AGREE! Can we PLEASE?!

      March 26 at 1:35pm  / Reply
  42. John Lewis Wright 

    EXCELLENT research, Kelly!!!! o.o You’re done your homework and then some. ^_^ <3 You're very welcome. I just *hate* people's whispers. Thats the only thing that bugs me. "Oh, wasn't her Mom with OJ when still married to his lawyer?" Its none of OUR business! Thats between them and Robert Kardashian isn't here to defend himself. Back off! Geez. =/

    March 26 at 1:03pm  / Reply
  43. Candice Thurston 

    Well written and agree 100%, Kelly.
    Without change there will be no progress. This is true in every element of life. I love that Anna takes the risk to showcase a mix race couple, black rapper & curvaceous reality show. A few years ago rappers where portrayed as gangsters, curves where regarded as fat & mixed race couples frowned upon.

    Big up to Anna & Vogue, u get a thumbs up from me.

    Candice Thurston, South Africa.

    March 26 at 1:15pm  / Reply
  44. Eleanor 

    Vogue issue for April 2014:
    Vogue UK: Nigella Lawson, English journalist and British Book Award recipient and daughter to Vanessa Salmon whose family owns J. Lyons and Co.
    Vogue Australia: Abbey Lee, supermodel who has modeled for Chanel, Alexander Wang, Rodarte, and Oscar de la Renta
    Vogue Paris: Cameron Russell, fashion model who has modeled for Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Chanel, and Prada
    Vogue USA: Kim Kardashian, sex tape star who now has her own reality television show that exposes every bit of her private life for the world’s pleasure
    So I suppose this is why Europe is known as the number one fashion content of the world and not North America. Perhaps if we cleaned up our act and got someone like, oh I don’t know, Lupita Nyong’o or Kerry Washington on the cover, we wouldn’t find our society sinker deeper and deeper into the depths of voyeurism.

    March 26 at 1:21pm  / Reply
    • Felice 

      Love that!

      March 26 at 1:35pm  / Reply
    • Mosh 


      March 26 at 3:23pm  / Reply
    • Natasha 

      Well said. Our society is a joke! Perhaps if we show good example of talented people, it would influence and inspire people in a different way… Kelley O, you sound so stupid, ignorant defending KK …

      March 26 at 3:57pm  / Reply
  45. Felice 

    If you weren’t employed by E! this post would have been genuine and sincere. However it’s very hard to take this seriously. I understand E! needing to defend and coddle the Kartrashians and every thing they do but WE don’t have to…on E! News the reporters/hosts have their backs no matter how ridiculous and fame-hungry it mat be…what you and E! and Vogue fail to realize is that Kim and the rest of them are NOT beloved in this country, they aren’t even liked a little bit by a large majority of Americans. But you all keep shoving them and their antics (and let’s not forget their lies) down our throats. Enough! Kim is hardly with her child (yesterday’s NY trip is just her recent offense), she lies everytime she opens her mouth and her so-called fashion sense is not her own – it’s all Kanye and Anna knows that. It’s why Kim isn’t on the cover or any other page of that rag by herself. Anna also knew this decision was a distasteful one because she issued an apology before or at the same time the pics were released. And as always, what does K do when the comments/feedback isn’t good? Let’s drag out a pic of IgNori (Nori)! Please….this blog post and this family are ridiculous and disingenuous.

    March 26 at 1:33pm  / Reply
    • Mosh 

      V. Good point- employed by E! NOW I get why she’s suddenly on her ‘peace-loving’ high horse.

      March 26 at 3:27pm  / Reply
  46. FedUp 

    The reason people are upset is because we still have no effing idea why Kim is famous!!!!??? Now she’s on Vogue?? I’ll just apply since anyone can just get on apparently. Vogue sold out and now they’re added to my list of people or companies who are desperate to get recognition so they attach themselves to the “Klan” in order to get noticed. She’s a nobody who got peed on, got butt implants, and has had so much plastic surgery she’s starting to look like a cat. (Hey I guess I do know her for something after all!) Kelly, you sold out just like vogue. And no, not everyone wishes they were on the cover. Probably only people like you who can offer nothing else to the world besides acting like fashion actually means something. Meanwhile the rest of the world is on fire, starving, and sick…but you’re right, defending the “Klan” takes precedence. Celebrities are dumb, and whoever puts them on a pedestal are dumber than the celebrity they follow….or for the layman they’re also known as “fans”. Go get educated and make a difference in the world, celebrities don’t care about you, why do people care so much about them???

    March 26 at 1:36pm  / Reply
    • Natasha 

      I am so happy to see that people actually think. I totally agree with you.

      March 26 at 3:45pm  / Reply
  47. nikobran 

    I love the cover!! I think it is gorgeous!!!!

    March 26 at 2:30pm  / Reply
  48. Natasha 

    You said it KO: it’s not your decision to make. I do believe that would be up to Anna Wintour. The decision to cancel the subscription i mine.

    This is a question of common sense, nobody here are haters, we are just critically thinking. This is desperation, Sensationalism, lack of class, taste and promotion of the worse in america: a wanna be talentless girl that made a sex tape, did not go to school or ever read a book, has no dignity at all and sell herself in many creative ways for fame and money… Give a break KO you can think… She is a product for tabloids and has no significant presence in the fashion world… she can wear whatever Birkin bag and be covered with diamonds that she will still look tacky and tasteless….she got paid $500,000 to attend to go to a party with Austrian businessman Richard Lugner, 81, and got humiliated when people were making offensive comments and the blacked face guy (imitating KW) appeared to interview her. It is sad to see how a young person became a marketing product and loose her dignity…
    What is the message that we are sending to the society: make a sex tape, sell yourself and you will realize your dream: be on the cover of a magazine… pathetic

    I am sure, this would never happen in France… It is the end of AW

    I expected more from you KO…

    March 26 at 3:41pm  / Reply
  49. Roger 

    If it wasn’t for North as the hook, and Kanye’s bullying, or them paying off Anna Wintour to compensate for the fall in sales this this issue will experience, this would not have happened, but AW’s probably happy as over the publicity generated for the rag mag. At least people are talking about Vogue again, right?

    For the record: not a hater, just another someone in the millions jaded by so much daily Kardashian spin generated to cling to relevance.

    March 26 at 3:42pm  / Reply
  50. eladamportmanprimero 

    Interraciasl babies r really the end of the world. Faggits.

    March 26 at 5:36pm  / Reply
    • FedUp 

      What the hell are you talking about???

      March 27 at 12:52pm  / Reply
    • Queen 

      I think you’re in the wrong forum for that kind of talk… go to weirdo.

      March 28 at 3:19pm  / Reply


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