Music Monday: Metronomy

Kelly Osbourne Music Monday Metronomy

I want to introduce you all to a band that’s been on my radar. Similarly how I love fusing together my musical interests with my sense of stye, this band integrates both indie styling and electro production. This week’s Music Monday spotlight goes to Metronomy, a four-piece English electro-band. They released their fourth album Love Letters earlier in March of this year. I’ve got more than a few of their songs on my favorites list. Each song will definitely get you on your feet or at least keep your head bobbing throughout the entire album. If you haven’t listened to their past stuff then imagine a futuristic groove accompanied by a cool, relaxed vocal range. I hope you guys give this band a listen. Visit Metronomy’s website here.  The website even lets you create your own mixtape that you can send to your friends. I adore this band and their quirky, artistic approach to everything else beyond their music. Watch their latest music video for their song “Love Letters” down below and tell me what you think!

xoxo, Kelly



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