Music Monday: Crazy


Taking it back to a classic for this week’s #MusicMonday: “Crazy” by Patsy Cline. This song is an absolute favorite of mine. It’s amazing to see how it’s still so relevant today. A fun fact about this ballad… It was originally written by Willie Nelson. At the time, he was struggling to make it as a musician and needed a big break. He made it for country singer Billy Walker but Billy and a few other male singers turned it down because they believed a female was needed to do it justice.  Eventually Patsy recorded this classic and of course it was a success, hitting an all-time high of #2 on the country charts back in 1962. “Crazy” went on to be the biggest single of her career. Take a listen below–this song is definitely dedicated to the “craziness” in all of us.




  1. evie 

    Thank you kelly

    June 30 at 3:32pm  / Reply
    • Mariamu 

      Dear Kathleen,Thank you so much for your video, I love the way it highlights how blgigong can benefit every key learning area! I am currently working on my personal learning network for a uni assignment and the main focus is integrating I.T. into English lessons. Would it be OK to add your video to my blog? Thank you also for the huge range of information your blog and the 2KM&2KJ blog has shared. After a 2 year break from teaching you and your students have inspired me to REALLY want to get back into the classroom and be involved in using technology across the curriculum.Thanks again,Kelly

      August 4 at 8:05pm  / Reply
    • Open 

      Dear Kathleen,Thank you for such an inspiring video. I am just sttiarng student blogs with my Grade 2 students and I found your video very helpful. So many benefits to blogging and in such an authentic way.I really like the end with the before and after shots. So much progress and such great comments. The students obviously have a love for learning and technology too!I will share this video with my students tomorrow in our first blogging club session.Thank youJodi

      August 6 at 9:15am  / Reply
  2. Jennadaydream 

    Beautiful. I love this x.

    June 30 at 3:38pm  / Reply
    • Amet 

      I’m a dude and can’t believe I watcehd this lol but I got my sisters always dragging me to see these kind of stuff. It sometimes scares me because when I see a pretty girl. I wonder what she looks like underneath all that. So now I’m looking for the natural looking ones. Awesome job on all of your makeups. What ethnic are you?

      July 9 at 11:58pm  / Reply
    • Honney 

      I could read a book about this without finding such real-world appoeachrs!

      July 21 at 6:39pm  / Reply
  3. Dawn 

    I love this song also 3 cigs in an ash tray :0)

    June 30 at 7:31pm  / Reply
  4. bonniegrock 

    great song kelly made my morning

    July 1 at 5:31am  / Reply


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