Music Monday: Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode


In 1958, 56 years ago to the day Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B. Goode’ single was released and it instantly became a rock ‘n’ roll classic… If I’m ever in a bad mood I play this song (I have moody day playlists or as I still call them “mixtapes”) and dance around in my room!!!! However, did you know that the song’s original lyrics referred to Johnny as a “colored boy” but was later changed to “country boy” to ensure radio play??… Happy Monday my darlings!



  1. theladyinskintightleather 

    Allways remember the soul train as a kid. The sooooouuuul train music chours would play. It was like instant attraction like I saw a ,,,Squirrel!! Bring back soul train Obama america needs a little soul in there life. And check out those boots that chics wearing, cool.

    March 31 at 8:25pm  / Reply
  2. Blackno.9 

    If not mama cass, I’ll throw in otis redding Dock of the bay. He brings it with alot emotion in his music. Very soothing

    March 31 at 9:56pm  / Reply


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