FAN FRIDAY: @Bang_Bitch45 @TheEleyne @Lena_Osbourne @LoveForSharon

It means so much to me that these ladies went out of their way to brighten up my day. Thank you so much! You seriously did make me cry. Women like you are exactly why I do what I do – you give me hope that there are more women out there like you lovely ladies that want to lift each other up and support each other! You bloody rock.

xoxo, Kelly



  1. Beatriz Stelzer 

    OMG darling!!!! I’m sooooo glad u like it! Me and the girls made this for u with our all heart! We love ya

    May 30 at 4:03pm  / Reply
    • Abricot 

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      June 11 at 3:46pm  / Reply
  2. Justyna Kwiatkowska 

    You’re very welcome my darling, we always support you in every way, I’m so glad that we have an idol like you, you literally mean the world to us. Thank you for everything, love you so much xoxo

    May 31 at 3:54am  / Reply
  3. Lena Osbourne 

    We are always here for you. No matter what you do we will always support you darling. xoxo

    July 30 at 5:21pm  / Reply


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