Everything Beaton


Cecil Beaton is one of the biggest inspirations to me for many reasons. If you don’t know his work or memoirs, I really suggest you do, he is fascinating. He was a photographer, interior decorator, author (diarist) and a stage, award winning costume designer. In fact you have most likely seen his work but maybe didn’t know he was the man responsible for it. His muses and admirers ranged from Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Mick Jagger to Truman Capote and countless high fashion socialites and countesses. I adopted a phrase a long time ago, “Everything Beaton, Become Beaton” to remind me that there no limits or boundaries OR rules to your career/craft. You don’t have to be just “One thing.” I personally chose this quote for today because it reminds me of my fearless, genuine, and darling close friend. That’s you Kelly! THANK YOU for having me guest blog this week, it has truly been a blast!

XO Brooke





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