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Every time I step in front of the camera, it’s always a nerve-wracking experience. I won’t ever be “that” girl who is completely comfortable behind the lens, but I do find the creative process to be very rewarding. I’m excited to share with you the cover story of this month’s Bwatt Magazine, which was just released this week. I was able to share a lot of intimate details on these past years and open up about the hardships I’ve faced. I think telling your story can be a very powerful thing because you never know how you can positively impact someone else just by sharing your own truth. I hope you enjoy. See more from the shoot in the video below and be sure to check out the full issue here.





  1. Lauren Walker 

    Shes sooooo beautiful with her purple hair

    June 24 at 5:54pm  / Reply
  2. Laking Tyson 

    I loved it! Your absolutely incredible.

    June 24 at 5:59pm  / Reply
  3. Jason Sisk 


    June 24 at 6:00pm  / Reply
  4. Karen HW 

    Love the lips & the purple hair!

    June 24 at 6:01pm  / Reply
  5. Laz 

    Beautiful shots. Looking bloody fantastic.

    June 24 at 6:07pm  / Reply
  6. treeman 

    Your so beautiful

    June 25 at 12:38pm  / Reply
  7. Felicia 

    Beautiful Kelly

    June 25 at 4:06pm  / Reply
  8. Brian E. 

    WOw Kelly. Mask pic is sooooooo sexy. Sheesh. Never saw that coming,but more please….

    June 25 at 6:04pm  / Reply
  9. JULES 


    June 26 at 9:21am  / Reply
  10. Conrad 

    Great video and fantastic music. Big Ups.

    June 28 at 4:12am  / Reply


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